High maintenance perfect cup of coffee

High maintenance coffee routine at our house with pour overs helps limit our intake of the highly addictive caffinated beverage. Seriously, I enjoy the cup I’m drinking more because I created it and smelled the beans along the way from being ground to the actual brewing.

Our pour over kit consists of a Boudin kettle to heat our water, a burr style coffee grinder from OXO (we had 3 from Bodin and all three went in the trash), a scale, two pour over baskets and number four coffee filters. I also have a great coffee bean from my local favorite roaster in Royal Oak, Desert Oasis Coffeehouse Roasters. When we are in Cheboygan, we get our beans from the Cheboygan Coffee Roasters.

Brass Collapsible Coffee Pour Over Basket for Travel

For Travel, we use these small light weight collapsible baskets. You can almost always buy a filter whereever you visit, but if not. These are a pretty good option to bring a long for the first few days while you get your bearings on a location for a grocery store. If I know the hotel doesn't have a kettle to heat water in the room, I travel with one of these small kettles. It also works great in our van.  Does require electricity and it is specifically for USA - 220 Volt plugs.