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Healthy Vegetables at the Kayser Cafe
We try to eat fresh and local as much as possible. Veggies are key to our lifestyle.

In the Detroit Suburb of Royal Oak, a small cottage with a red door sits on a street near the park and it’s owners love to eat. They eat fresh and local foods that they create from scratch, lovingly by hand. They both understand the need to put only the best ingredients in their body. After all, it is a fine tuned machine. So, the joke began amongst friends, just try to get an invite for a dinner party at the Kayser Cafe. Not one of them ever says no. If you get a chance to take away a doggie dinner bag, we know you won’t really be feeding it to your dogs.

As if one place isn’t enough, we’ve extended our operations to include another cafe at our Casa de Arcoiris cabin in Cheboygan. Requests to visit fill up months in advance and we only take on the smallest most exclusive events in our social circle. Want an invite, get to know us and I’m sure you just might.

Much love to you all! Eat healthy now!

Melissa (and Jake)