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Grandma’s potato salad

Grandma’s potato salad from the 60th Crawford reunion July 30, 2022 PotatoesCucumberHard boiled eggsPicklesHamCeleryOnionPaprikaPepperMustardMayonnaise – salad dressingMilkWay more hard boiled egg mushed up in the sauceSalt maybe some sugar This is the kind of cooking that is done by taste without a real recipe. Put as much of each item in as you like, and […]

Lucky Peach Inspired Sesame Cucumber Salad

My cucumber salad interpretation: Ingredients: two cucumbers one scallion sesame seeds unsalted peanuts sesame oil olive oil rice vinegar pepper & salt Chop the cucumber into fourths long ways, then cube it… then smash it and add a little salt. (the one pictured, I just sliced it) Dice the scallion and smash the peanuts. Drain […]